Jochen Baberg – 50 years at WSW

Jochen Baberg – 50 years at WSW



How did Jochen Baberg come to WSW?
Jochen Baberg was not only the next-door neighbour of the company’s founder Wilhelm Schulte-Wiese, but also one of Wilhelm Schulte-Wiese’s children’s good playmates. So naturally Jochen Baberg’s mother asked over the garden fence: “Willi, have you got an office job for my boy?” So it was soon arranged that after leaving school, on 15.07.1969, Willi would start training to be an industrial clerk at WSW. He completed this training with flying colours. After that he decided to do further training in Altena. During that whole time he spent every spare minute at Schulte-Wiese to earn extra pocket money working in the firm’s dispatch department. So in this respect we can say he has always stayed closely connected to the firm.

After his educational qualification in Altena he was trained in sales and due to his open and honest manner quickly established contact with customers. In that sector he shaped and further developed WSW for decades by his personal and tireless efforts. Thus it was that in the seventies, a period when Schulte Wiese was growing rapidly, he loaded up lorries almost every Saturday and prepared the necessary dispatch papers.

His ambition and commitment were not only evident both in private and working life but also in his hobby – judo. He was not only an active team competitor but was also a coach for many years. During that time he always achieved high performance levels and currently holds the third Dan (3rd black belt). As a result of his consistent role as a coach, his striving to be successful and to work professionally is still his most valuable asset.

We must also mention his ability to inspire his colleagues and at the same time talk in such an easy-going way that it puts a smile on everyone’s face. This is always enriching for all those working closely with him and creates a special working climate.

The Management would like to again say “Thank you” personally for the fifty years he has dedicated to the company.

The whole WSW Team already wish Jochen Baberg a long and enjoyable retirement starting in January 2020.

PS: physically, he is still in his private training camp and is keeping himself fit. Keep it up!