HPQ Rail Track and HPQ Rail Vehicles

bahnSince the year 2000 we are supplying the rail industry – both rail and track. The share of this business area accounts for approximately 40% of our total sales making it significantly important to us. Our customers require the highest level of quality and reliability when it comes to forged parts  – manufactured ready to install –  since the parts are built-in in sensitive areas of the chassis and couplings of high speed trains, as well as on high speed tracks. At the beginning of October we also received beside the manufacturer-related product qualification for Rail Track parts (German: Herstellerbezogene  Produkt Qualifikation (HPQ) HPQ Oberbau ) the HPQ Rail Vehicles certification of Deutsche Bahn (German Rail). These certifications are subject to strict Deutsche Bahn specific regulations and are essential and required when it comes to the manufacturing of safety-related products whether they are directly or indirectly delivered to the Deutsche Bahn AG. The requalification is carried out in a 3-year cycle.